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Tips & Tricks: Online Bill Manager

Tips & Tricks: Online Bill Manager

Online Support’s online bill manager allows you to view and analyse your bills and call data, as and when you want. If this is your first time using the online bill manager portal then you’ll need to register first-time access. Once you have logged in to your Online billing account you’ll find lots of different sections to explore. For an in-depth tour around the online billing platform we’ve detailed what you can do within each section.

Once logged into the online billing you will be presented with the homepage below. This view displays your latest invoice summaries, your call profile & invoice charges for the last month, usage summary and observations.

1. Reports

This section allows you to access pre-defined reports. Some of the reports include high usage reports, when were calls made & call profile reports. All reports can be downloaded as .csv, .pdf or .xls.

2. Download

This section allows you redownload your invoices for selected months & download a version of your invoice which includes number itemisation in PDF format. Phone number itemisation is also available to download as .csv. You are also able to download your invoice file in .csv format.

3. View invoices

Here you’re able to view all invoices for the past 15 months. The overview shows the invoice date, invoice number, subtotal, VAT and total. You can also expand each invoice to see more details and view number itemisation per invoice.

4. Administration

In this section you have the option to manage your own account by viewing your details. You are also able to manage your login profile where you can update your username, real name, password & email address.

5. Help and Support & Logout

The help & support section provides you with our contact details in the event that you need any help with the online bill manager – you can contact us on 0208 232 1190.

You are also able to manually log out but please note that the platform will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity – this is to ensure the protection of your data.