• Peace of mind

    Online Support will give your business the option of on-site or cloud migration consultancy. This involves the transfer of all, or a part, of your business’ data. To ensure that you have peace of mind during your move through the cloud we are extremely careful in making sure that the process is done securely.

  • Solutions with you in mind

    We are also able to provide impartial and unbiased advice as we do not favour one cloud solution over another. This is because we know how important it is for your business to be handled in a way that will provide the best possible outcome.

Cloud Computing in London

Most cloud solutions are easy-to-use, effective and robust. However, implementing these can be a complex task and different companies will face different challenges along the way.

Before jumping into the cloud, we recommend speaking to one of our experts. Experienced and unbiased, they’ll review your requirements.

Because we’re exposed to various IT networks, we understand the cloud requirements of all types of businesses. We’ve found the below to be real-life benefits of migrating some or all of your IT operations to the cloud.

Lower Capital Expenditure – Cloud computing services are usually set up on a PAYG basis. This allows you to have lower upfront costs and more predictable ongoing expenditure.

Easily Scalable –You can tailor cloud solutions to fit your business’ demands perfectly, meaning your systems can grow alongside your company with lower financial risk.

Additional Security – Cloud service providers usually deploy security controls to protect their (and your) environment – this means you have that extra peace of mind.

Easy Access to Information – Businesses often need to access information from multiple locations on multiple devices. Being in the Cloud enables you to do this, any time.  This also aids collaboration between employees across multiple sites.

We’re here to clear the confusion

Simply put, cloud computing is computing services provided through the internet. Sound familiar? That’s because there’s a high probability that you already have used cloud computing. Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Flickr and Hotmail are just a few well-known examples.