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England Euro 2016 Fixtures: How Businesses Should Prepare

England Euro 2016 Fixtures: How Businesses Should Prepare

Businesses should prepare for this summer’s European Football Championships well in advance, according to London-based Acas, an organisation ‘devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes’. 

Some England Euro 2016 Fixtures, including Wales v England, are being played in during the working day.

Acas Guidelines for Euro 2016

Acas have published some detailed guidelines, suggesting companies have plans in place for the following:

  • Planning for Annual leave
  • Monitoring of sickness absence
  • Flexibility of working day
  • Monitoring staff use of social networking sites and websites
  • Monitoring staff being under the influence at work

Chair of Acas, Sir Brendan Barber, stated that “The Euro 2016 tournament is an exciting event for many football fans but staff should avoid getting a red card for unreasonable demands or behaviour in the workplace during this period.

“Many businesses need to maintain a certain staffing level in order to survive. Employers should have a set of simple workplace agreements in place before kick off to help ensure their businesses remain productive whilst keeping staff happy too.”

Staff shortfall during Euro 2016

There are a reported 500,000 Brits heading to France for Euro 2016. If you know that you’re going to be short-staffed for a period of time during the championships, we’ll provide as many engineers as you need for business operations to continue. For more information see our section on Business IT Support.

If you or your IT staff plan to travel across the channel, we also provide network monitoring, so that we can detect and review any potential issues with your network and alert you to any that require urgent attention.


England Match Schedule

England vs Russia
Starts: 06/11/2016 08:00 pm

England vs Wales
Starts: 06/16/2016 02:00 pm

England vs Slovakia
Starts: 06/20/2016 08:00 pm