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Tips & Tricks: Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Tips & Tricks: Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If your iPhone is having constant or intermittent issues with connectivity then it could be down to a host of issues.

But before you give up on your device, there is one thing you should try – reset your device’s network settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

To reset network settings on iPhone handsets and restore them back to default, follow these steps:

1. Within iPhone Settings, open up the option General.

2. From there, the very last option is Reset.  Open this up and tap Reset Network Settings.

3. It will prompt you to enter your phone’s Passcode and the ask you to confirm one last time.

4. Tap on Reset Network Settings to proceed with the reset.

Warnings and Tips

• This means that your iPhone will forget any WiFi networks and their passwords, meaning you’ll have to re-enter them when you’re next in range.
• Manually entered APN settings will be deleted.  This means you might have problems receiving MMS and connecting to mobile data.  These settings should be applied automatically, but if they’re not you can read these guides.
• If the reset does not resolve your issues, it could be a faulty handset.  You should try to get it repaired or replaced under the warranty before paying for a repair.

Still having issues?

If you’re having signal problems, your network provider’s coverage in your area could be poor. If this is the case, you could consider switching providers (you can keep your existing number).

If you’re a business user, we’d recommend switching to Online Support. We have access to all the major networks, so can review the best options for you without the hard sell you would get speaking directly with the networks.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements please contact us or call on 0208 232 1190.