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Laptop or Tablet in 2016? The Comparison

Laptop or Tablet in 2016? The Comparison

Laptop or tablet?

It’s a question that people have asked for years now.  Whatever the final decision is, you can be left disappointed if you don’t go down the right route.  So how do you know whether to buy a laptop or tablet?

Why do you need it?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to the question ‘laptop or tablet?’.

Different types of devices come with different compromises.  To better understand your requirements, you need to understand the key differences.


As a general rule, laptops will give you more punch for your pound.

For example, the cheapest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is priced at £749 and for that you get; 128GB storage, 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core m3 processor.

After a quick internet search I found a HP laptop for £749 with an Intel Core i5 processor 12GB of RAM.  It also comes with 2TB of storage.


The average weight of a tablet is just under 0.8 kg.  A laptop’s average weight is much greater, at just over 2.3 kg. That means 3 iPads weigh the same as the typical laptop.

The ability to work on the go also relies on battery life.  Review site lovemysurface reckons that the cheapest model for Surface Pro 4 will give you 474 minutes of normal use.

Techradar says that the same HP laptop we mentioned earlier will give you just 239 minutes of use.


There are lots of new applications being designed to capitalise on a tablet’s increased portability over laptops, meaning a it can be a very flexible tool.

Things like NFC (used for contactless payments) and Bluetooth connectivity can be used on most tablets – but not on laptops.

On the flipside, laptops are often compatible with removable media, including ports for USB and HDMI input/output – whereas tablets rarely have these features.

Remote Working

The device to use is just one deliberation for remote workers.  Something else to consider is the impact remote working has on the security of your network.  We’ve detailed out some essential security steps here.

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