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Tips & Tricks: How Can I Track My iPhone?

Tips & Tricks: How Can I Track My iPhone?

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If you’re asking the question ‘How Can I Track My iPhone?’ out of pure curiosity or if your phone has been lost or stolen, find out what you can do in order to track down your Apple device.

First and foremost, we’d definitely recommend downloading the Apple-produced ‘Find My iPhone’ app. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and can be an absolute life-saver if ever your Apple product goes missing. Despite the name, the app can be downloaded onto most modern Apple products including the latest iPads and iPod touch as well as many iPhone models. When you first set up your new Apple product, one of the steps is setting up Find My iPhone but you can always download it at a later stage.

Here are our steps of action to take if you have Find My iPhone enabled.

Please note for this to work the device will need to be turned on and connected to the internet, either via mobile network or WiFi. If you have Find My iPhone enabled on another Apple device with the same Apple ID then great! Alternatively, you can log onto with your Apple ID. Open up the app and select which device you’d like to track. This will open up its location on a map. If you can see that it’s located nearby you have the option to ‘Play Sound’ on your device in order for you to find it more easily. This tip is for those of you wondering ‘How Can I Track My iPhone’ after unknowingly leaving your phone in the fridge, under the bed, down the sofa or any other strange surrounding you may manage to misplace a phone.

If you can see that the device is somewhere that it shouldn’t be then turn on ‘Lost Mode’.  This will lock your device using a four-digit passcode and a message of your choice will appear on the device along with your mobile number. By enabling this feature the use of Apple Pay also becomes disabled on the device.

If you believe that the device is long gone then you’re also able to erase the device. This will delete all traces of information from your product and will also disable Find My iPhone. However, this means you will no longer be able to track it. This also means that another person would be able to activate and use the device.

Even if the device in question is turned off or not connected to the internet you are still able to lock, put the device in lost mode and erase the data. However, the effects will only take place when the device comes online again.

How can I track my iPhone without ‘Find My iPhone?’

  • Change your Apple ID password using another device or via a PC or Mac. This way no one will be able to access your iCloud data, this includes iMessages & iTunes.
  • Change passwords for any other accounts that could be accessed through the lost device. This includes any social media accounts, email accounts and mobile banking.
  • Inform your mobile carrier of the device being lost or stolen – they have the ability to disable the account. This prevents the use of texts, data and calls.
  • You also have the choice to speak to your local police department, this way if the device is found they are able to contact you to return the device.

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