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EE Harrier Software Update: Warning

EE brought out their Harrier handset in order to sell their WiFi calling service to those unwilling to shell out for an iPhone.  For £200, it has very decent spec, a good camera and 4G capabilities.  What could possibly go wrong?  An awful lot, as it turns out.

EE Harrier Software Update

WiFi calling wasn’t compatible from the word go, and users were eagerly awaiting the software update that would enable it.  However, upon applying the update, the phone would be stuck on this boot screen:

No problem, you would think, just hard reset it and turn it back on again.  However, as soon as you turn it back on again you are met with the same screen and you will never get past this point.

You can enter recovery mode, however you don’t really have a lot of options from there.

The ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option looks an appealing one, but it doesn’t actually solve the issue and you will be guaranteed to lose all your data.  The best thing to do would be to contact EE to explain the situation.  There is talk that they will repair/replace phones affected by the update, but currently this is unconfirmed.

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