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Best Amount Of Storage for an iPhone

Recently, Apple have been sued by a couple who were unhappy with the way Apple had deceived them and all other customers as they do not receive the amount of storage that they are told they are getting.

This is the case for a lot of phones.

You are told your phone will have 16 GB of free storage when in fact, due to the software and OS the phone downloads when it is first set up, a large fraction of this storage is lost. This generally isn’t a problem for Android or Google phones as they offer the option to insert SD cards, meaning that you can expand the amount of storage you have. However, Apple haven’t made things this simple. iPhones do not give you the option to insert an SD cards as they are still being built without SD card slots. So, the 16 GB you have (or 12.20 GB you actually have) on your phone is the only means of storage you really have. But what is the best amount of storage for an iPhone?

So how much are you really getting?

For most people a 16 GB iPhone just isn’t enough. For reference, 16 GB would hold 4,096 photos OR 3,050 songs OR 15.3 hours of film OR 8 Hollywood films OR 407 apps/games OR a combination of these. Sounds like a lot individually but I doubt there are many people who are going to fill their phone with thousands of photos but no apps, songs or film footage. I actually own an iPhone 5s 16 GB myself and having just owned it for little over six months I have to agree that there really is not enough storage. I use my phone regularly. Not every second of the day and not five minutes a day, but a fair amount. And from using my phone this fair amount, I have about 1 GB of storage left. That’s fine. I still have storage. However, this is because when I purchased the phone I kept in mind that I would not have all the storage I wanted. I have deleted many apps, photos and videos in order to keep my available storage at a reasonable level.

This shouldn’t be the case.

Ideally, you want more than 16 GB but 64 GB is just a bit too much to be good value for money. So, you get a 32 GB phone, right? Wrong! Apple have made the decision to stop doing 32 GB phones altogether as they know that people will be aware that 16 GB is too little and will want the next option up – the overly priced 64 GB option.  This is almost disastrous as anyone who wants to use their phone to its full potential would have to spend a lot more money.

If you thought this was bad, Apple have also now only given users the option to buy 8 GB iPhone 5c‘s. As you can imagine, 8 GB gets you nowhere. The actual available amount of storage you get from an 8 GB iPhone is 4.9 GB which is practically useless. However, it is of course Apple’s cheaper option. And because of this lowered price I guess you have to make compromises in the actual device itself. This is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. There are rumours of plans to bring out a cheaper version of the iPhone 6 which will hopefully ensure that the iPhone 5c’s low storage is no longer a problem.

So, what is the best amount of storage for an iPhone?

It really does all depend on the person and how much you plan to use your phone and want you are going to store on there. If you use your current phone a lot and you have thousands of photos saved and dozens of apps then it could be worth going for the 64 GB or even the 128 GB option. However, if you’re happy with having a phone that can only contain the bare minimum then a 16 GB would be perfectly fine for you.

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