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6 Steps to Taking ‘Disaster’ Out of Disaster Recovery

Here at Online Support we know all about the repercussions of not having the appropriate plans in place for disaster recovery, having been working with businesses in the capital for over a decade.

Read on as we detail our six steps for taking ‘disaster’ our of disaster recovery.

Step #1: Create a Plan

The most important element of your disaster recovery plan and ensuring that you can recover from a major failure is to plan effectively.

As well as help you to put a plan in place, here at Online Support we can also run through scenario testing to make sure your business is prepared should an IT disaster occur.

Step #2: Take Regular Backups

One of the simplest and yet most neglected disaster recovery steps that needs to be taken is for regular backups of servers to be made – at least once a day. Our Disaster Recovery solution allows for backups to be taken as often as every 15 minutes if necessary.

Step #3: Off-site Storage of Backup Archives

As well as backing up on-site it is highly recommended that you store further backups at an off-site location that can be accessed easily – this is something that is included as standard within our Disaster Recovery solution.

Step 4#: Backup Your Entire Server and not Just the Data

If you have backed up your data but neglected to do the same for the entire server, in the event of a critical hardware failure, it could take days to source replacement hardware leaving you with a significant level of downtime.

When you utilise our service however this is not an issue as we image the entire server which we can then restore to non-similar hardware within hours of the failure.

Step #5: Be Fully Supported

If you’re a small business it is unlikely that you have a dedicated IT department to rely on when things go wrong, however with Online Support you will be covered 24/7 with our fully outsourced IT support service, taking on the management of your entire IT infrastructure, from internet connections to phone services.

For those businesses that do have internal IT resources we can also offer a supplementary support service.

Step #6: Keep Your Plan Updated

When it comes to disaster recovery you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. With this in mind it is essential that you regularly review your recovery plan to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your developing business and the fast-moving IT sector.

To find out more about our disaster recovery and IT support services get in touch with the team today on 020 8232 1190.