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  • what is bitcoin how much is a bit coin worth

    What are BitCoins? How much is a BitCoin Worth?

    What are BitCoins? BitCoin is a virtual currency that has grown in infamy over the years – as it’s usually used for illegal activities. This is because BitCoin transactions can be processed anonymously.  This is why Ransomware such as CryptoWall will ask for payment via BitCoin.  It is also used on websites offering services like […]

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    Are DSLR Cameras Worth The Money?

    Whether you’re a keen amateur shooter or an experienced professional; the question we all ask in the beginning is ‘Are DSLR’s really worth the money?’ But before we get to that, maybe we should find out what exactly a DSLR is. What is a DSLR? DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex which in simple terms […]

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  • Google Nest vs Apple Home Kit

    What is Home Automation? Apple HomeKit vs Google Nest

     Home Automation is a bit like something you’d see in Back to the Future, or a sci-fi film.  It’s the concept of being able to control accessories and technology in your home by simply stating commands; for example turning off your lights by saying “it’s bedtime”. These futuristic ideas may soon become a reality.  Apple […]

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  • popcorn time on android

    Free version of Netflix? Popcorn Time

    Popcorn time is a BitTorrent client like uTorrent, LimeWire or kTorrent – with a difference. Instead of having to wait to download the files before viewing, Popcorn Time has an integrated media player so users can stream their content. Its ease of use and variety of content led to a huge surge in popularity – […]

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  • is social media a fad

    Is Social Media A Fad?

    Social Media has taken the 21st century by storm. The first known social media platform was (1997.) SixDegrees enabled users to make lists of their friends and to connect with people they knew. Since then social networking sites have become a part of everyday modern life as we know it. But will its success last? […]

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  • retina display

    Retina Display – What Is It? Is It Worth It?

    What Exactly is Retina Display? Retina Display isn’t actually a technical term at all. It is an Apple-trademarked term. So even if another company were to use a Retina Display, they wouldn’t be allowed to call it that. The actual phrase means that the display on a device has such a high pixel density that […]

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  • so what is the best cheap phone

    Best Cheap Phones | The Top Five

    Best Cheap Phones on the market, right here, for your delectation. So every time your contract is up or you break your phone, you convince yourself you’re going to find the best value phone you can buy, but you end up paying £500 or more for your phone (yes, even if you’re on a contract. […]

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  • what is the cryptowall virus

    What is the Cryptowall Virus?

    A new virus threat that you need to warn your staff about – “Cryptowall” Like other viruses, it’s spread by email and is mutating everyday so there is no guarantee that your anti-virus software will detect it.  There’s actually no way of telling that it’s a virus from the email itself, so you shouldn’t open […]

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  • What is the best network for 4G?

    What is the best network for 4G?

    So what is the best network for 4G? Well, there’s plenty of factors to consider. You need to consider coverage, where the best deals and packages lie and of course, speed. What is the best network for 4G? Vodafone Vodafone offers both 12 and 24-month Red 4G plans, again starting at £13 a month, although […]

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  • Is Google Docs better than Microsoft Office?

    Is Google Docs better than Microsoft Office?

    People often say that Google is taking over the world. Some are serious when they say that, and some mean it as a half-hearted attempt at a joke. But ever since I remember, Microsoft Office has been unchallengeable as an office suite. Now, though, Google Docs seems to be the every-day user’s office suite of […]

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