Out of bundle call charges

Call Type DescriptionMinimum first period chargeBilling Increments

Out of bundle charges (all charges ex VAT)

Mobiles1 second1 second64.18p/min
Landlines1 second1 second64.18p/min
Voicemail1 second1 second64.18p/min
SMSN/Aper Unit64.18p
MMSN/Aper Unit64.18p
Video Call1 second1 second64.18p/min
Video Call – International1 second1 second64.18p/min
Call Return (upto 3600 seconds)1 second1 second64.18p/min
International Call – EU1 second1 second125.00p/min
International Call – Rest of World1 second1 second167.00p/min
International SMSN/Aper Unit64.18p
Non Geo Access Charge (084 & 087)60 seconds1 second64.18p + Service Charge/min
Premium Call Access Charge (09)60 seconds60 seconds64.18p + Service Charge/min
Directory Enquiries Access Charge (118)60 seconds1 second64.18p + Service Charge/min
Freephone (0800)1 second1 secondFree of charge
Radio Paging Services (i.e. 076)N/Aper call64.18p
Personal Numbering Services (i.e. 070)60 seconds1 second64.18p/min
Call Forwarding Services (i.e. 07744/07755)60 seconds1 second64.18p/min
Data1MB1MB5p per MB