• Landlines & VoIP services

    We offer many options from business landlines and VoIP services, through to building a specific phone system for your needs and supplying the hardware you require. We know that your business is different so we communicate with you via a dedicated account manager.

  • Downtime prevention

    We don’t have preferred providers when it comes to landlines. We provide the phone maintenance to minimise downtime, both remotely and on site if needed. We appreciate that downtime costs your company business, so we do all we can to prevent it from happening.

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Telephone systems (VoIP & Landline)

We spec/implement and maintain a telephone system using the latest technology.

Reporting & analysis

We install call reporting and analysis software that helps maintain customer service SLAs in order to increase staff/company efficiency through traffic analysis of live call stats


Using a VoIP can cut the cost of hardware, phone lines and maintenance. It can also provide cheaper international calls

Avaya certified engineers

Our team of engineers are all fully certified by Avaya and are available for immediate response

Temporary hardware available

Should anything happen with your hardware we can provide replacements in the event of an emergency whilst new equipment is being ordered.