• Time saving solution

    Recover files and folders in minutes. Restore an entire server in a fraction of the time of traditional Backup solutions. Servers are recovered within hours, not days.

  • Fully Managed

    We take care of all the service management and daily monitoring. Our high level of technical expertise and experience will help you recover from any Disaster scenario you may face.

  • Save storage space

    Our CBDR service allows you to consolidate & simplify management of your backups.  This minimizes the amount of disk space required

online backup disaster recovery

Our CBDR (Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery) Service replaces your traditional flat file Backup with complete hard disk images, managed locally and then replicated offsite securely into the cloud.

How does it work?

A storage appliance (NAS) is installed in your office. This provides a complete local Backup history, ensuring fast data recovery.  All Backups are encrypted and you can retain exclusive access via your own passwords.

cloud backup disaster recovery CBD by Online Support
  • The first Backup image of your server is a complete image of the hard drives

  • Every Backup after the initial image is incremental. These can be taken as often as every 15mins.

  • Consolidated daily encrypted Backups are sent offsite to our datacentre ensuring full DR capability.

  • We provide Hot Spare servers in the event of a Disaster.

  • The entire process is managed daily by us to ensure that the Backup chain is continually successful both on-site and remotely.