SIM swap and activation

Do you need to swap your SIM before activation?

You’ll need to swap your SIM if:

  • Your phone was lost or stolen
  • Your SIM has been damaged
  • You’ve changed or upgraded your phone and it needs a different-sized SIM
    • If you need a smaller SIM than your existing one, check if you have a Triple SIM where you can pop out the required smaller SIM
    • If you’re not sure what size SIM you need, check our handy guide

Ready to swap your SIM?

Before you start your SIM swap, make sure you:

  • Have your replacement SIM with you
  • Have transferred your content from your old phone if you’ve changed or upgraded.

Please note: a SIM swap is only possible onto a replacement blank SIM ordered from us specifically for a SIM swap.

It’s not possible to swap onto a pre-activated Pay as you go SIM bought from a third party.

Activate your new SIM

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