IT Support in Soho

Soho is a small but vibrant area of the City of Westminster and a part of London’s West End. Famous for its rich culture and entertainment, Soho has over the years become full with busy restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Local businesses in the area rely on transport in and around Soho; so after a recent pedestrianisation plan was put in place in the 1990’s, it was quickly reversed to keep businesses thriving and functioning.

Location is one of the big reasons as to why Soho is so successful in containing businesses as it neighbours Mayfair, Ftizrovia, St Giles and Covent Garden.

Without a secure IT system in place, businesses are likely to suffer downtime which could affect their ROI.

Why choose us?

Soho is home to many London Underground stations including Oxford Circus, Picadilly Cirus, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court road; meaning it’s never too complicated for us to get to you.

We specialise in supporting several industries and because we’re Microsoft certified we’re familiar with a wide variety of IT set ups.

More than 50% of our customers come from referrals making us one of the most trusted IT support providers within London.

No matter if you’ve got 5 users or 305 users we’d tailor a support package especially for your IT needs.

Contact us for a free IT assesment. We can help no matter what your IT or Telecoms requirements are.

Based in Soho?

As winner of best SME and best business 2015  we’re confident that we can help to improve your Soho-based business.

To see where your IT could improve and what we can do for you we’re currently offering complimentary IT business assessments.

Relocating your business to or from Soho?

Moving your IT systems to or from an office in Soho doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. Online Support can assist you every step of the way from the early planning stages right till move-in day.

Quality IT Support in Soho

When it comes to providing IT support in Soho, Online Support has a reputation as one of the best. The reason we are so well-trusted in Soho is that we provide more than just IT support services; we consult, we guide, we inform your strategy, and we ensure your business is seamlessly scalable.

Our service is designed to give businesses a competitive edge. That is what you get when you place your IT system in our care.

We ensure that your IT and data systems are protected 24/7. We are proactive in preventing downtime not just because it affects your productivity but also because it can affect your reputation.

To do this, we ensure your IT infrastructure and systems are as resilient and secure as possible. Our clients know they can trust us because we have a track-record of providing outstanding service in Soho.

 IT Support For Growing Businesses in Soho

Online Support focuses on providing comprehensive IT support that will lead to tangible growth for big businesses and small businesses seeking growth.

We focus on delivering peak availability, customer support, robust capability, security, and resilience. This ensures businesses under our watch gain competitive advantage.

When we need to handle a problem on-site, we do it quickly and efficiently without getting in the way of what you do best.

We have clients in a variety of sector. Our service is tailored to provide you with only what you need to ensure your IT systems run smoothly. We do not try to sell you expensive hardware or software you don’t need. We are professionals, and we value our integrity.

Online Support functions like an in-house IT team, but better. We are always monitoring, mentoring, and reducing risks of data breaches.

Robust IT Security

Businesses are under increasing IT attack, and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated. The future of your business may be at risk if you get hacked. That is why Online Support goes further than most to ensure you are well protected.

We take a preventative approach and ensure that we find any vulnerability and fix it.  At Online Support, we believe an untested system is an unprotected system. We continually test and simulate pressure on the network to find soft spots in the IT network and make them more formidable.

Our multi-layer IT security mechanism is designed to protect not just your business, but your staff and anyone that has access to your network from which an attack may be launched.

From ransomware to botnets, drive-by downloads, malware, phishing attacks and a host of others, we have the necessary advanced anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls, multi-layer security protocols, skills and others that enable us to protect and reduce the risk of these threats.

Soho IT Support Services we offer

We offer a wide range of IT services to a variety of industries. We also have the right set of services that will suit your business needs.

We take personal approaches and provide what is right for your business. Our web filtering service ensures that your employees are safe online when utilizing the internet. We try to keep you safe without unnecessary bottleneck that will hamper your speed or productivity.

Some of our services include:

  • Cloud services
  • Backup and recovery
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud migration
  • Business connectivity
  • It Consultancy in Soho
  • Server architecture
  • Server connectivity
  • Email solution
  • IT security

Backup and Business Continuity

We don’t just depend on software to run a frequent backup of your data. We also monitor the data to ensure they are properly backed up and can easily be restored when needed.

Apart from the remote backup service, we have a fully-functional off-site disaster recovery center. We provide end to end business continuity service to meet your every need.

Fast Response

More than 95% of our support tickets are answered within 10 minutes. You are also assigned an IT director that oversees all your IT issues and is in direct communication with you.

We design our system to raise red flags as early as possible to prevent any IT problem from escalating to the point where it hampers your business. We use the latest technology to ensure reliability and stability. We make sure thresholds are not breached, and quickly respond if they are.

Our proactive approach to monitoring ensures we are rarely caught off guard. However, we also have a streamlined process that will enable us to resolve any issue you bring to our notice at a very short notice.

IT Support Made Easy

One of our advantages is the professionalism of our service. We offer an IT service that is truly all inclusive, no matter the size of your firm. We are just like your own IT department, and you always get:

  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited on-site support when needed
  • Unlimited mentoring and guidance of you and your staff
  • Proactive and preventative mentoring of your team
  • Unlimited number of trouble-fixing

Our highly experienced Tech team provides the day-to-day assessment and management of your IT empire and relay information to you.

Simply, your headache and trouble become ours, and you can spend your time doing what you know best.

Highly Trained and Qualified IT Support Staff in Soho

We are more than just our qualifications and certifications. There are no shortages of companies that lay claim to the necessary certifications. But the reason we are well-known in Soho is that we only work with the best. We have to in other to prevent our clients from very smart malicious hackers.

We have to be solidly conventional and smartly unconventional to sniff out threats from highly sophisticated hackers.

Some of the qualifications we hold include:

  • Microsoft Gold Partnership
  • Dual ISO accreditation
  • Named best SME and Business of the year
  • Fully trained Microsoft engineers

Infrastructure and Software Advice in Soho

Part of keeping your system resilient and protected is adapting to changes.  Nothing stands still in business or the IT sector. We advise on software and infrastructural changes when necessary that will keep you safe and healthy.

We provide advice and help you streamline your IT procurement, software, and hardware, to ensure that every purchase adds measurable value to your business.

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If you want to find out how our fully managed IT support service will deliver tangible competitive advantage to your business in Soho, call us today.

You are one step away from gaining the advantage our services will bring to your business at a fraction of the cost.

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