IT Support in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is located directly north of the City of London lying within the London Borough of Hackney. Over the past 20 years Shoreditch has become a fashionable and popular area of London, with an ever-growing level of importance.

Many web technology companies who prefer to be London-based have chosen to reside in Shoreditch due to its involvement in the creative industries.

As more modern businesses develop within Shoreditch the importance of a secure IT infrastructure has become apparent. Reliable server and network monitoring will highlight any threats to your network; minimising downtime for your business.

Why choose us?

Our head office is based in West London so transport links into the city are plentiful making our journey into Shoreditch simple.

We are specialists in a number of industries which are prominent in Shoreditch’s business hub.

As Best SME & Business of the year, you’re sure to receive the award-winning service which you’d expect.

All of our packages can be tailored to you and there’s no requirement for long, fixed-term contracts. You’ll also have a dedicated account manager to be your point of contact whenever it’s needed.

Contact us for a free IT assesment. We can help no matter what your IT or Telecoms requirements are.

Based in Shoreditch?

More often than not, the businesses which we support have offices in London, not too far from Shoreditch. This means that we have a confident understanding of the IT requirements of local companies.

If you’re looking at reviewing your IT provider, Online Support are ISO & Microsoft certified – so you can have peace of mind knowing that your systems are in capable hands. You can give us a call on 0208 232 1190.

Relocating your business to or from Shoreditch?

An increased number of businesses are deciding to move closer towards Shoreditch. If you too have made this decision then your IT systems will need to be moved securely and with the utmost attention.  We can provide engineers out of hours to ensure that no downtime is endured during your office move.

After your move, we’ll always be available if you encounter any issues.

IT Support in Shoreditch for Growing Businesses

Do you run a small or medium sized business? You don’t have to employ workforce in an IT department, or spend valuable time managing IT infrastructure equipment yourself. Online Support has special SME IT support packages in Shoreditch to support, upgrade and optimise your IT infrastructure.

We can take your IT requirements under our care, whilst you focus on the most important aspects of your business. We can also provide strategic guidance and quick on-site management and interventions when required.

We provide an all-inclusive IT support service for a flat monthly fee. Our service contracts are transparent, with simple payment structures and industry leading Service Level Agreements.

Our managed IT service support in Shoreditch can help your business become leader in your marketplace. You get faster issue resolutions, proactive, preventative risk management, and top advice from qualified experts; and save money too.

Some Benefits of fully managed IT support for SMBs in Shoreditch:

  • IT service desk
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Smart, proactive network monitoring
  • First and second line support, plain-language communication (no jargon)
  • Highly trained IT support staff
  • 24-7 server and device monitoring
  • Backup checks and notification every day
  • Anti-virus management

At Online Support, our IT managed service is centred around providing excellent customer service combined with great insight, cutting-edge and reliable technology. This makes us the clear choice as your IT support partner in Shoreditch.

Reliable Technology Solutions

Our depth of knowledge and investment in our support infrastructure gives us the ability to deliver exceptional, personalised services. From flexible IT support to complete monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, you can trust Online Support to provide managed IT services for your business.

Our services also include:

Comprehensive IT support Services in Shoreditch- Your Safety Net

Our clients’ expectations have never been higher. When your IT operations fail, your reputation suffers. Consider the cost of incomplete orders, broken communications, and inaccessible websites. Nothing makes your competitors happier than when customers turn to them for alternative solutions.

At Online Support, our Microsoft certified engineers ensure that this will never be the case. With a 24-hour online support service and the option of on-site maintenance, we have a dedicated team to cover your IT needs. We can handle your first-line of support and work with second and third-line in-house. The choice is up to you. Be assured, with Online Support, your IT woes are in the past.

Cloud Services

Cloud and Connectivity; built to deliver

Whether you want a secure private cloud, public or hoping to achieve a fine mix of both with a hybrid cloud platform, picking the right cloud service is essential to business. It reduces costs by boosting service agility and accessibility.

At Online Support, before you make a choice, our engineers provide much-needed guidance to make your decision a properly informed one. They have experienced professionals with unbiased views who will recommend providers most suitable for your business.

Online support is an IT support provider operating in Shoreditch; we offer 24-7 support through our managed services team. Our transformational services make sure your cloud migration process is a smooth one.

Take your IT infrastructure to the cloud and watch your business processes take off ahead of your competitors.

Cloud Backup

Data that is important to you must be kept safe.

If your documents, finance records, HR information, design software, personal customer information, and programmes were destroyed due to accidents, disaster, burglary, or professional negligence it could prove disastrous to your business. There are hefty fines for data breaches, not to mention the damage to your business reputation.

Our cloud backup is dependable, flexible, highly secure and user-friendly. We can run an initial demo with some preliminary data to show you how it works. It will run silently in the background until you need it, making it a fully effective, non-interfering and inexpensive system your company can rely on.

IT Network Installation

You needn’t worry about cables, hardware, and service downtime.

Installing a network is a major project and requires some up-to-date skills and experience. It a task is allocated to the wrong person, it could significantly affect your whole company, inhibit productivity or lead to loss of data.

Our Microsoft-trained professionals plan and structure every detail, covering network design, hardware resource, cable setup and thorough detail to get your networking operating more efficiently than before. All work is performed in line with industry best practices by our in-house staff. Your business continuity is critical us; we remove all possibility of unnecessary downtime.

Engineer making network switch connection

Our Specialist Industries

IT Solutions for the Finance Sector

At Online Support, we work with a good number of financial institutions; we understand the industry is heavily regulated, especially where people’s financial and personal information are concerned. So we recommend the most suitable solutions with the FCA and EBA guidelines in mind.

We operate with a thorough data recovery structure in place to enhance business continuity and adhere to standard regulations.

Be assured our data centre is secure, safe and located in the UK.

IT Solutions for Real Estate and the Property Industry

Having access to information on-the-go is not just a competitive edge for some businesses, but a pre-requisite. The real estate market is one of such practices. Estate agents need to have details of available property at their fingertips so they can provide to potential homeowners or renters with relevant information in real-time.

Our engineers are capable of synching your mobile devices to the office server for direct access to property details. Many real estate companies benefit from our IT support in Shoreditch.

Why Hire Online Support for your IT Support Services?

  • Non-binding Contracts

We understand how trapping and long uncomfortable contracts can be, so we give our clients the opportunity to take control of their service by offering flexible contracts.

Our IT support is tailored to each business type for convenience and cost-efficiency. What’s more, we offer very competitive rate.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Online Support puts customers first. To provide first class service, we assign a dedicated account manager to each business, so they have first line communications with us when the encounter any issues.

  • Award Winning Business

For two consecutive years, we have been awarded Business of the Year by The Hounslow Chamber of Commerce for outstanding service. You can rely on us for high performing IT processes.

Call us on 0208 232 1190 to discuss your needs with our IT Support experts in Shoreditch.