• Your office relocation, without the stress

    We know that office relocations can be extremely stressful. So, we are on hand to help out at every stage of the move. From pre-planning to getting your new office up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Communication is key

    Our account manager and engineers will be on hand to talk to you at every stage. We also know that getting your critical IT equipment to the new location quickly but safely is also very important. Therefore we use a team of engineers to take care of this process.

  • Leave it to us

    Let us help with the stress of moving all your critical IT systems – getting it up and running ensuring that no files or emails get lost and your staff are able to get back to work with as little disruption as possible.

IT Relocation Services

The most comprehensive solution for relocating your company’s IT infrastructure.

Moving office is stressful enough, so we provide you with one point of contact to help you manage the move, meaning you don’t have to stress about last minute changes.  We’re here to give you advice on your move from the beginning as well as tailoring our services to suit you. We take the time to understand your business’ needs so you can have complete trust in us to get the job done.

Our certified, experienced, professional engineers will be with you every step of the way.  What’s more – because we’re based in London, we’re never too far away should you need any IT help after the move is complete.

  • Pre-planning

    We survey your new offices and help you plan your office layout from an IT perspective. This includes the consideration of whether any additional structured cabling is required for networking your computers and telephones. We help you plan the move and advise you as to when you need to place orders for telephone lines and any Internet/WAN links. These links need to be ordered in advance as they typically take at least 6 weeks from order to installation and in some cases a lot longer.

  • Moving

    Commonly, the actual move would take place over a weekend. We take responsibility for moving your critical IT equipment i.e. your servers and firewalls (normally your removal firm would move your basic equipment such as your PCs and printers). We are on-site to connect and test all IT equipment as it arrives and ensure that your connections to the Internet and other WAN links are working and that emails can still be sent and received.

  • First Day

    Normally on the 1st working day after the move it is likely that there may be a number of minor snagging issues. For example, users may need to be set up with a different printer as their usual printer is no longer the closest to them. To ensure business continuity, we normally have an engineer on-site from the start of your working day. This way they can quickly deal with any issues and staff can get on with their work uninterrupted.