IT Support in the City of London

Now a relatively small area within the metropolis of London, The City of London remains a major business hub and a global financial centre.

Comparable only to New York City as the world’s financial capital, the City of London is a trading focal point and the heart of the insurance industry.

There is also a large number of law firms based in the area, with global leaders of in the legal sector having offices and headquarters in the west and north of the City.

The function of streamlined IT processes in these industries is very important to help reduce costs and maximise profit.  Managing and maintaing these IT processes can be challenging, so having robust IT Support is vital.

Why choose us?

With fantastic transport links from our headquarters in Brentford, we have supported clients in the City reliably for many years.

One example is the International Bar Association, the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners. Read what they have to say of our service here.

We’ve got a friendly team of around 30 staff, so you’ll never suffer the call-centre experience.  You also get an account manager as one point of contact and access to a team of qualified engineers.

Our contracts are built around your requirements, so there’s no need to pay over the odds or to be tied into longer terms than needed.

We are also specialists in the financial industry.

Contact us for a free IT assessment. We can help no matter what your IT or Telecoms requirements are.

Based in the City of London?

Because we make a concerted effort to employ local talent, we preserve a passion for our our industry and our customers.

Our team have experience working with companies in various industry sectors. This includes Real Estate & Property, Finance and Charity. You can check your requirements with a free IT assesment.

Moving to or from the City of London?

The City of London is an attractive place to do business. If you’re thinking of moving to the City, we offer complete IT relocation services. From moving critical equipment to getting you up and running, we’ll be with you every step of the way.