Trusted IT Support in Central London

Online Support has been providing market leading IT support services in London Central for years. We are well-known for providing resilient, secure, scalable IT installation and support services, and we help clients get value out of their IT systems without going over budget.

You need a robust IT system that delivers a tangible competitive business advantage. You need a support service that is efficient and doesn’t impede your business processes and performance. You need a support service that can handle challenges, or make changes, at a moment’s notice. You need a support service that is as good as having a fully functional in-house IT department – but at a lower cost. You need Online Support.

We deliver all that and more. We are professionals. The reason we can maintain the reputation we have for IT support in Central London is because of our proactive and preventative approach to managed IT service delivery.

Why choose us?

Based within London, we provide the full range of IT support services. Our service is personal, and we tailor everything to your needs. Once you put your IT needs into our care, you enjoy peace of mind knowing you are well covered and protected against IT business risks as much as possible.

We take headaches away from you and allow you to focus on your strengths. To ensure our service to you is totally in line with your needs, we assign a manager to oversee your IT systems. You can easily reach your IT manager and pass any message or demand directly to him. Your point of contact will know you, and know your business, making the process of supporting your business’ IT requirements completely smooth.

Contact us for a free IT assesment. We can help no matter what your IT or Telecoms requirements are.

Based in Central London?

Well connected to central London in Brentford, we employ local staff. This helps us to maintain our passion for providing a high quality service for our customers. Online Support is the obvious choice for businesses located within Central London looking for IT services.

Our highly trained tech support team manages the day to day running and assessment of your network to ensure all processes are performing optimally. We update security policies, rules on firewalls, document switches, levers, and joiners; manage software updates, desktop installations, system patching, and a lot more.

We use the latest technology to track and monitor your IT infrastructure to find lapses, red flags, and to monitor thresholds. You get:

  • Unlimited remote support in Central London
  • Unlimited on-site problem fixing support
  • 24/7 monitoring, assessment, and updates
  • A dedicated IT manager
  • Prevention and resolving IT issues quickly so as to maintain productivity

Cloud Services

We can help your cloud migration efficiently and securely. We also provide professional advice on possible advantages or disadvantages when migrating to the cloud as it specifically affects you.

Part of helping you migrate to cloud involves providing multi-layer security and protection against data breaches to ensure your business is not compromised.

Other Services and support we offer in Central London include:

  • Cloud support
  • Remote Desktop solution
  • Hosted Solution
  • Mobile technology
  • Business connectivity
  • Server upgrades
  • Secure Email Solution
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Mobile technology
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration
  • IT Consulting and Advice

IT Security

Businesses have become a target for sophisticated hackers, and the trend is on the rise. Ensuring that you are as protected as possible and reducing the risk of being attacked to the barest minimum is what Online Support is all about.

We thoroughly analyze your system and find possible vulnerabilities and plug them. At Online Support, we believe that an untested defense is an unsafe defense. That is why we thoroughly look for vulnerabilities and pass your defense through various stress and attacks to find soft spots. Our goal is to find them and block them before unfriendly hackers do.

We protect your system against spyware, ransomware, malware, virus, drive-by downloads, and mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks.

Our multi-layer security approach ensures that you are as protected as possible. Our service is dynamic and streamlined to stay ahead of new and more sophisticated threats.

We also educate your staff, protect their access, give them the right data access permission while ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding best practices.

We understand how important the security of your data and network is to your business, and we go the extra mile to ensure you are not exposed.

IT Support Made Easy

We have designed our service to enable us respond immediately to any demand or need that may crop up. Our highly trained experts are always on standby to take a headache away from you. All you need to do is call us. You won’t have to worry about the issue again because we will go to work and resolve it as fast as possible without getting in your way or disrupting your business.

Online Support managed IT service is efficient and performance-driving. IT-related issues shouldn’t hinder your business, and we will make sure it doesn’t.

Flexible Service Level Agreements

Online Support London Central IT support is tailored to your needs. Our flexible service level agreement allows us to give you only the best practices and technology that will make a difference in your business. You only get what you need and what will improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce risks.

We do not try to sell you unnecessary hardware or software, nor do we force you into an agreement that may hinder your business. That is why we offer the flexibility you need.

No two needs are the same. The service we provide will be exactly right for you.

Highly Trained Team

Our team is highly trained and fully certified – but that is only the barest minimum. We only accept the best to be part of our tech team. We manage IT needs for some of the best firms in London Central. To ensure they are well protected, members of our team have to be smart to detect and decode highly sophisticated attack, whether conventional or unconventional. That’s why we only work with the best. And why we can mitigate data breaches for our clients.

Some of our certifications include:

  • Dual ISO accreditation
  • Microsoft Gold Partnership
  • Fully trained Microsoft engineers
  • Awarded best SME and business of the year in out borough

Business Continuity Guaranteed

Our backup and recovery solutions are specially designed to mitigate against various kind of disaster. Apart from our remote data backup, we have an offsite fully functional disaster recovery unit that ensures your business can easily be brought back up in the case of any disaster.

Call us today

Call us today and find out how our services can help deliver competitive advantage to your business at a fraction of the cost of a full in-house IT department.

We are more than just an IT support company. We are your partner for business growth. Call us today and let’s get started.