INFOGRAPHIC: Hosted Desktop – Your Office Anywhere, Anytime

Our Hosted Desktop infographic

We created this hosted desktop infographic to give you the best information.

Hosted Desktop Infographic

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10 things to consider before making the leap into the Cloud

To Cloud or not to Cloud?

Being an IT Support provider we recognise that not all businesses are best suited to a Cloud solution.


Here are our top 10 things to consider before making the leap into the Cloud:

1)      What are the benefits of moving your business into the Cloud?

2)      Is it more cost effective to have your IT On-premise or in the Cloud?

3)      What speed is your Internet connection?

4)      What IT resources do you have?

5)      What level of IT Support will you require?

6)      What services would you want to put into the Cloud?

7)      What software applications do your employees use?

8)      Are your employees mainly office based or remote workers?

9)      Is it the right time for your business to move to the Cloud?

10)    What is your future business model?

We hope you consider these things before making the leap in the Cloud world

We offering London businesses complimentary consultancy to discuss your IT Systems. In this meeting we can explain in plain English what the Cloud can do for you and help you decide which of your IT systems should remain On-premise and which would benefit from being moved to the Cloud.

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6 Steps to Taking ‘Disaster’ Out of Disaster Recovery

Here at Online Support we know all about the repercussions of not having the appropriate plans in place for disaster recovery, having been working with businesses in the capital for over a decade.

Read on as we detail our six steps for taking ‘disaster’ our of disaster recovery. Read more

Guide to finding the right IT Support provider

Many businesses that come to us tell us they have suffered the below problems with their previous IT Support provider:

But we can help you in finding the right IT Support provider

Deteriorating service from current IT Support provider.

Hidden costs that were not accounted for in original IT Support quote.

Lack of communication and commitment.

Constant IT issues that never gets fully resolved.

Long respond times to user requests.


To finding the right IT support provider:

1. Ask for reference sites so that you can speak to current Clients of the IT Support Provider.

2. Look for evidence of technology partnerships. If they say they are a Microsoft partner check if they appear on Microsoft’s partner portal PinPoint

3. See if they have any client reviews on recognised websites i.e. Google Places, Microsoft PinPoint etc.

4. Don’t go for the cheapest quote as 9 out of 10 times there will be hidden costs so it will end up costing you a lot more in the long term. Any good IT Support provider should quote you accurately for your current needs and not change this after you have signed the contract.

5. Look out for termination periods. A good IT Support provider won’t tie their customers into long term contracts.

6. Ask if the IT Support provider offers money back guarantee.  Check SLA’s so if you are unhappy with their service you know your rights.

7. Check what server and network monitoring tools they use and how proactively they assess and address any faults. The last thing any business needs is to have a major issue with their critical business systems which doesn’t get picked and resolved in time. No business can afford disruptive down time, data loss or system viruses.

8. First impressions count as this will indicate future relationships. If the IT Support provider got back to you when they said they would, delivered what they promised and followed up with you on quotes, shows they care about their customers. We often hear about how some IT Support providers never call businesses back after information has been sent.

9. Check out the staff that will be supporting you. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can visit and meet the engineers of the IT Support provider. This way you can see their set up and see how the deal with incoming calls.

10. Location is key. Find a local IT Support provider that can easily reach you to tackle any major issues that you may have that would require an on-site engineer. Also check what guaranteed response times they offer as the last thing you need is to have to wait for hours or days for an engineer.

To find out more about our IT support services contact Online Support team on 020 8232 1190

10 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Hosted Desktop

In 2013 IT systems form an essential part of almost all businesses both large and small, however the managing of these systems can provide a headache for those companies that aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

At Online Support we have been helping businesses in West London and throughout the Capital by providing a first-class IT support service for over a decade. Over the last few years cloud computing has come to the fore as an effective IT solution.

But what are the reasons you should switch to hosted desktop?

Reason #1: Work from anywhere in the world.

In a globalised economy it is essential to be able to access critical documents and information on the move and with hosted desktop you can work as if you were in the office from any country in the world.

Reason #2: Access your own desktop 24/7.

With our service you don’t only get to access key documents on the move, you can even work off an exact replica of your own desktop setup.

Reason #3: Compatible across all devices.

Nowadays we utilise more than just PCs and laptops, and as such, our hosted desktop service also allows for compatibility with tablets and smartphones.

Reason #4: Collaborate remotely with ease.

With hosted desktop you can access important work documents from anywhere in the world, but you can also work with colleagues simultaneously on projects, editing in real-time without concerns regarding overwriting.

Reason #5: No need for expensive hardware/software upgrades.

IT is an extremely fast-moving industry with hardware and software updates becoming available on a regular basis, however with hosted desktop all of that is taken care of, eliminating the need to shell out thousands on new servers, PCs or programs.

Reason #6: Up-to-date security.

Ensuring your data is secure is vital in the digital age but you can rest assured that our servers are protected by the latest security software.

Reason #7: Guaranteed minimum up-time of 99.9%

If your business relies on your IT systems for their day-to-day operation any downtime could lead to a significant impact on your bottom line, however with hosted desktop we can guarantee an up-time of nearly 100%, with no unscheduled shut downs or server failures.

Reason #8: Data backups and disaster recovery taken care of.

As well as securing your data and limiting downtime our service also includes comprehensive data backups and disaster recovery.

Reason #9: Free and unlimited IT support.

Our experienced and professional IT support team are available to you as often as you need them – at no extra charge. An incredible value-for-money benefit of our service.

Reason #10: Only pay for what you use.

Unlike some of our competitors services, with hosted desktop from Online Support you only pay for what you use, with a monthly fee per user. To find out more about the benefits of hosted desktop for businesses in West London get in touch with the team today on 020 8232 1190.

The 5 Biggest IT Disasters of All Time

Here at Online Support we are specialists in providing expert levels of IT support to businesses throughout London, so we understand the importance of implementing contingency plans for your IT systems, as well as what can go wrong if you don’t.A staggering 80% of companies who suffer a computer disaster that have failed to implement the proper disaster recovery measures go out of business (Source: IBM). Read more

What are the Benefits of Hosted Online Desktop?

With the increasingly mobile and on-the-go nature of modern business more and more companies are choosing to transfer the traditional business desktop environment up into the Cloud. A Hosted Online Desktop allows a virtual version of your regular Windows desktop to be securely streamed to your location.

Here at Online Support we can set up this system for you, but what are the benefits of hosted online desktop?

Flexible, Familiar and Reliable

After spending a lot of time working from the same desktop you get used to working a certain way, so it can be difficult trying to do the same things on a different machine with a different set up.

However, when you work from your Hosted Online Desktop your shortcuts, favourites and settings will all be retained – no matter where you are in the world. Also you won’t have to worry about unexpected downtime affecting your work schedule, and we guarantee the security of your data and systems as standard.

Scalable and Standardised

If yours is a fast moving business then scalability will be of key importance, and with Hosted Online Desktop you can add and remove users easily, while you will only pay for what you use.

Ensuring that each user is working from the latest version of documents and files is also taken care of, as this standardisation is a part of our service as standard.

Save Energy and Reduce Costs

In the past, server and PC replacement was a major cost for businesses, however this will no longer be a consideration when you move your desktop to the cloud. As your PCs will be doing a lot less work their natural life will be much longer, and in the event that you do need them to be replaced you can purchase Thin Client machines which cost a lot less and last a lot longer than traditional computers.

As the servers will no longer be on-site you will be able to reduce your energy bill considerably as well, while Thin Clients also use less than half the electricity required to power a regular PC.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of utilising our Hosted Online Desktop you can speak to our friendly and experienced team on 020 8232 1190.

Online Support Awarded Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner Status

Online Support is pleased to announce we now have Online Support Awarded Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner Status! Only a small percentage of Microsoft partners currently hold this Partner Status.

Only a small percentage of Microsoft partners currently hold this accreditation.

In order to gain the Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner status, partners have to go through a strict criteria process. They have to successfully demonstrate their Cloud expertise by taking sales and technical assessments. Partners also have to deliver Office 365 to more than 250 users and provide Microsoft evidence of their successful implementations.

Online Support was awarded Cloud Accelerate Partner status after successfully providing Office 365 to businesses and demonstrating a high level of Microsoft Cloud expertise. Their Office 365 customers include HKR Architects who have seen many benefits of moving to a Cloud solution.

With staff based in different locations HKR Architects needed a solution that could enable their employees to easily access shared folders, view shared calendars of employees in all locations and have an effective email system. With Office 365 business processes have been streamlined so that employees can now work more efficiently and effectively. Being a Cloud solution, Office 365 has also helped the business reduce IT costs.

Charlie Wetherall, Sales Director, Online Support, says, “We are delighted that we have become a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner. Online Support holds many accreditations including Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Our Microsoft partner status’s means we can continue providing our customers with high level of technical expertise and knowledge on Microsoft products.”