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Apple Event: iPhone 7 Release Date & Features

Apple Event: iPhone 7 Release Date & Features

The iPhone SE has proved fairly successful – Apple went back to basics and it boosted its sales hugely, with the regular seasonal decline halting somewhat. So, why the need for another Apple Event? Well, they’re releasing their next flagship – the iPhone 7.

We’re here to round up all the information for you.

Apple Event Release date and time

The 7th of September is the date of the Apple Event. The company has confirmed this is when they will launch their new handsets – the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.  For UK viewers, you’ll have to tune it 6pm British Summer Time.

Pre-orders are available from 09/09/2016 with handset availability being 16/09/2016.

There’s no traditional headphone port

Apple have decided to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack completely and instead opt to include new and improved EarPods with a lightning connector. This means that long gone are they days of being able to listen to music on your phone whilst charging it. That is, of course, unless you purchase their £159 AirPods which connect wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth.

Luckily, your iPhone 7 box will come with a 3.55mm to lightning adapter so you can still use your favourite pair of earphones with your new iPhone… until you lose the adapter as well!

Three cameras for one phone?

Not only has the iPhone 7’s camera been upgraded to 12MP, it also has a new addition. The main camera has now become the wide-angle lens and is joined by the telephoto lens beside it. The dual-camera means that a higher quality zoom is possible and even enables depth-of-field capabilities. The dual-camera is currently only available for the 7’s larger sibling, the 7 Plus. The front-facing camera now also boasts a 7MP camera compared to the 6’s 5MP.

A new and improved home button

The iconic Apple home button has also undergone a couple of procedures. Using the same technology as Force Touch featured in the iPhone 6S, the new home button will be force sensitive. It’s also gained a Taptic Engine haptic feedback system which provides different levels and variations of vibration feedback for certain elements.

New colours and storage sizes

The iPhone 7 comes in 5 colours; Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold & Rose Gold. This means that the Space Grey option is no longer and has been replaced by Black which is matte black finish and a black front. Jet Black is slightly different to the 7’s other colour options in that it’s a shiny, polished black back and the same front as the Black option. However, a disadvantage to this new shiny surface has been discovered as it may be susceptible to visible scratches on its surface. Whilst all other colours are available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage size options, being the premium colour option, Jet Black only comes in the two higher tier sizes; 128GB and 256GB. The actual display size is no difference from the 6S with the 6S being the same size as the 7 at 4.7 inch and the 6S Plus the same size as the 7 Plus at 5.5 inch.


  • iPhone 7 32GB
    Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • iPhone 7 64GB
    Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • iPhone 7 128GB
    Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
    Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
    Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose
  • iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
    Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Availability to businesses

If you need iPhone 7 handsets at your business then contact us or call on 0208 232 1190.

We’ll be able reserve you a handset right now – or give you a hardware fund so that you can decide if you want it after it comes out.