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What’s my IP? See Your Public IP address

What’s my IP? See Your Public IP address

At Online Support, we talk about IP addresses a lot.  They won’t be something you think about 99% of the time, but they are vital.

Without IP addresses, you wouldn’t be able to browse to, the BBC or any other website.

What are IP Addresses?

An IP address (or Internet Protocol address) is a number that is used to identify different computers on the Internet.

It works in the same way a telephone number does or an actual address would on a piece of mail.

How IP addresses work

When you use your browser to send requests, such as performing a search on Google, the requests are tagged with your IP address. The means the server you’re requesting a page from can send it back to the right place.

Find your IP address

This page will always display your current IP address.

Dynamic vs Static IP Address

Devices are assigned IP addresses in two ways: with dynamic IPs and static IPs.

Static IP addresses

Having one personal IP address that never changes is called having a Static IP address. These are better for VoIP services, and for using VPNs to access files remotely.

Static IP addresses are also better if you plan to use your computer as a file server.

Static IP addresses can be a security risk, though, because they remain constant and are therefore easier to track.

Dynamic IP Addresses

It’s more secure using a dynamic IP address as it changes every time you log on.  They are also relatively inexpensive and there’s very little configuration required.

However, Dynamic IP addresses aren’t as good for VOIP, VPN, or online gaming. Using a Dynamic IP address for these could cause disconnection.