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Hummingbad Malware: 10 million infected Androids

Hummingbad Malware: 10 million infected Androids

As many as 10 million Android smartphones have been infected by malware known as Hummingbad, which is installed on handsets by exploiting loopholes in older versions of Android (KitKat and JellyBean).

The malware manifests itself in the operating system of an infected device. This allows it to give those behind the malicious software remote control.

The reason this is useful to cyber gangs is that they can click on ads (earning themselves AdSesne revenue) and install apps that they’re paid to promote on infected phones.

Could you be infected with Hummingbad?

If you’ve got Android Marshmallow, you don’t need to worry.  Hummingbad can only infect devices running earlier versions of Android.

There are ways to detect if you’re using a infected device.  Follow our guide to picking the best Antivirus for Android. We can’t guarantee they’ll pick up Hummingbad, but they are normally reliable.

Run a malware scan with whichever app you’ve chosen. If you’ve been infected, CNET suggest that only a factory reset will clean your device.

How to prevent Hummingbad infection

You can only download apps from trusted sources (the Google Play store) by default.

If you’ve downloaded an app from elsewhere (which requires modifying your own settings) then you are more at risk of infection.  This is because Google has a vetting process for apps. Apps from other sources don’t go through any checks.