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Artificial Intelligence: The future for businesses

Artificial Intelligence: The future for businesses

Artificial Intelligence (otherwise known as AI) is the ability of computer systems to think and learn. It sounds cool. But how can it benefit businesses?

Just like with cloud computing, there’s a good chance that you use AI already without realising it.  For example, when using peronal assistants like Siri or Cortana. They use AI to deduce requests from speech recognition and deliver you the result it believes you want (whether that’s by setting an alarm or performing an online search, for example).

Google’s Translate is an example of machine learning. Its API assesses over time how different words relate to eachother when used in different contexts and certain phrases.  This means that it provides more accurate translations as time goes on.

Is AI Really the next big thing?

Some big-hitters in tech are started to get more and more involved in AI.

Facebook is aiming to help blind people ‘see’ photos by using AI to describe them. The concept is that the Facebook app generates a description.

Carmakers such as Tesla are also using AI to develop car that be controlled by an autopilot.

Applying it to Small businesses

We predicted right at the beginning of the year that Big Data would become more frequently used than ever before in 2016. Statistics and analytics are being used more and more in business, and interpreting this information in an effective, meaningful way has AI written all over it.

Another example of the pratical uses of AI in business is Amelia. She’s been used as and IT Service Desk Agent at an European Bank, a Mortgage Broker Agent at a Global Bank and an  Invoice Query Agent at an Oil and Gas Company.

Amelia ‘reads natural language, understands context, applies logic, infers implications, learns through experience and even senses emotions.’

Okay, so that’s a bit sci-fi still

For the average SME, a service like Amelia might not be within a realistic grasp just yet.  But even today, through common accountancy software, AI works dynamically to optimise a firm’s finances, for example. Likewise, Google’s remarketing allows SMEs to target ads to the most interested audience.

And any sized company can tap into these resources.