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Tips & Tricks: Wi-Fi assist & Personal Hotspot

iOS9, whilst having plenty of improvements at its core, leading to better battery life and enhanced security, does has its negatives. For example, there are certain features that use excessive data and burn into battery life.

Today we focus on two mobile-data related functions that are sometimes useful and other times, are not so handy.

Wi-Fi Assist

Have you noticed your mobile bill increase as a result of excessive Mobile Data usage since iOS 9 was introduced?

In the recent ios 9 update, a new option, called ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ has been added to the settings. This means that when your Wi-Fi connection is poor, your iPhone automatically switches to using your mobile data.

How to turn it off:

  • Go to Settings>Mobile Data
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Switch of ‘Wi-Fi Assist’

Personal Hotspot

By setting up a personal hotspot, you are able to tether your data connection.  For example, if someone has run out of mobile data, you have an option of letting them connect to yours.

This way, whilst you will both have Mobile Data, your own mobile data usage will be used up at a faster pace whilst devices are connected. You’re also likely be subject to slower speed. Check out a list of carriers that permit tethering of their data connection.

How to enable personal hotspot:

  • Go to Settings>Personal Hotspot
  • Turn on Personal Hotspot
  • Change password to something memorable and secure
  • Connect up other devices via WLAN/WiFi settings, entering the password you have set

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