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Travel Tech 2016: What to take with you on business trips

Travel Tech 2016: What to take with you on business trips

For some, travel is a dream that only comes true once in a blue moon. For others, it is a passion that they engage with several times a year. Either way, preparing yourself with the best travel tech is important.

Business trips outside of your normal work environment can feel like a holiday, but it’s important to make sure you’re always able to work. That’s why the items listed below are vital.

Essential Travel Tech for Business

1.Travel Adaptors

It might seem obvious, but it’s really important.

If you want to plug anything into the mains whilst you’re away, such as; laptops, phones and tablets, you’ll need to bring adaptors.  Depending on the number of appliances you need, it might actually work out better to just have one adaptor and one extension cable.

That way you can use english plugs and you won’t have to rely on one hotel plug socket.

2. Apple Watch

Its travel specific apps, such as TripCase, probably need a bit more development, but the fact that you can stay connected everywhere, take calls and see messages is definitely beneficial.

Of course, this only works properly if you also have an iPhone handset.

3. Power banks

Because we rely on our mobile devices now more than ever, it’s really important that you are able to charge your phone during the day.  This is not always possible when doing a lot of travelling, unless you have a portable charger or ‘power bank’.

You can pick up sleek looking ones – roughly the size of a wallet – that can power multiple gadgets at once for roughly £70.

4. Portable speaker

Despite most being relatively small (and easy to pack), you can get your hands on some great sounding portable/wireless speakers for about £90.

These can be really useful for making video presentations, meaning you don’t need to rely on the below-average speakers on Apple devices.

Other tips for Business Trips

What else is important aside from travel tech? Well, if you’re travelling abroad on business, and you know that you need to work on the move, then having the right roaming plan is really important.

If you’re making a business trip within the EU, then you should have a valid EHIC.  Should you have a medical emergency, this stops you from being stung with big bills – and without one your travel insurance might be invalid.