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Tips & Tricks: 8 Ways To Make the iPhone Battery Last Longer

Tips & Tricks: 8 Ways To Make the iPhone Battery Last Longer

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This week’s blog details the best ways on how to make the iPhone battery last longer to make sure you are connected when you need to be most.

Since the iPhone’s inception back in 2007, users have yearned for the answer to one question: How do you make the iPhone battery last longer?

Every time Apple bring out a new model, these users wait with bated breath for some kind of improved battery. Which they get – but with updated versions of iOS firmware, the added functionality takes a big chunk out of the battery life, and the battery life remains at a status quo. It’s difficult to keep up with how to make iPhone battery last longer, but we’ll list the most helpful tips.

1. Low Power Mode

Once you get to 20%, you’ll get the normal ‘Low Battery’ message – and in iOS 9 it comes with the option to turn on ‘Low Power Mode’.

Turning on Low Power Mode reduces animations throughout the OS, decreases the time before the screen darkens and makes lots of other, barely noticeable tweaks to try to squeeze more life out of your battery.

2. Spotlight Search

The Spotlight search function is useful in iOS – but it’s constantly working in the background to index data, so you can find it easier later on. Great – but not when you’re low on battery. Navigate to ‘Spotlight Search’ in general settings, and you can turn off different Spotlight categories (and therefore stopping it from indexing).

3. Notifications and Email

Go into your settings on your phone, and then to ‘Notification Centre’. In here you will see the apps that are sending alerts to your notification centre – tap the ones you’re not bothered about and and set them to ‘None’. This way, they won’t be waking your device each time there’s an update, making it vibrate or making it play a sound.

When you set up Email on your iPhone, you can set ‘Push’ on. This means it will constantly check the mail server for new emails, so that you can see them as soon as your receive them. If you are low on battery, however, it’s probably better to turn this off. You can instead set the phone to ‘fetch’ email data in certain intervals – or manually so that you only get new emails when you want them. This will save a lot of battery power.

3. Quitting Apps – WRONG!

Logically, people assume that quitting apps running in the background will stop them draining the life out of the battery.

If you do this, you take it out of RAM. This means that if you then need to use that app again, it will have to be loaded it into the device’s memory again – this is more detrimental than if it was just left alone.

Instead, the best thing to do is to go to: Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Then either turn it off completely or disable it by app. This way, when apps are in the background, they are set in a frozen state and don’t drain much battery.

4. Manually Set the Brightness

As you’d expect, a decent-sized chunk of battery life is taken up by the display.  By adjusting the brightness to the minimum level you require, you can save a lot of this.

It’s easy to get used to the brightest setting, but this really isn’t needed unless you’re in direct sunlight. Once your eyes acclimatise to the screen not being so bright, you won’t even notice the difference.

5. Disable Unneccesary Connection Settings

Turn off WiFi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth if you’re not going to use them.

By leaving these enabled, your device will drain precious battery life trying to find a Mobile or WiFi network, or a device to connect to via Bluetooth.

Location services is another one that eats into battery life.  You may occasionally use it for navigation, but you can always turn it back on when you need it.

To turn it off:

• Open Settings
• Tap on Privacy
• Tap on Location Services
• Switch off Location Services. This will completely turn off location services, and preserve some of your battery life.

6. Using Airplane Mode

This near enough renders the phone useless – you won’t be able to connect to the internet or make calls and texts.  However, if you’re travelling along a motorway with no signal, or on the tube, then turning on Airplane mode will lengthen the life of your battery. This is more for emergencies, when you may need your phone later, but don’t need it right now.

7. Look at your running Apps

You can monitor battery usage in the settings of your phone.  This gives a more detailed view of what is draining your battery.

If you go into General Settings and then Usage, you can then see which apps are taking up the highest percentage of your phone’s battery life by going into Battery Usage as you can see below:

The higher the percentage is next to the app, the more the app it draining the battery. If you’re committed to saving battery, you need to prioritise and close apps like Facebook that will drain a lot of battery.

8. What to buy to make the iPhone Battery Last Longer

There are some handy gadgets out there to keep your iPhone going for longer. You can invest in a high capacity portable power bank or a lipstick sized portable charger which holds just about enough to charge you iPhone.

You can also get charging cases, that don’t require you to use or carry any cables – and you can use your phone as normal.

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