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Tips & Tricks: Outlook Features you didn’t know about

Tips & Tricks: Outlook Features you didn’t know about

Whilst often Outlook is used mainly as an email client, it has plenty of other strings to its bow.  It can be used as a comprehensive information manager; with a calendar, task manager, contact manager, journal and more. So what are the Outlook Features you didn’t know about?

1. Top Five Outlook Shortcuts

We’re a bit obsessed with keyboard shortcuts at Online – we love to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.  With this in mind, we’ve got an entire blog dedicated to the most useful Outlook shortcuts.

They can help you navigate Outlook far quicker and improve your efficiency.

2. Set a time at which your message is sent

Once you’ve written an email out, you can choose when you want it to be sent. Once written, go to Options > Delay Delivery. Then you can set the time you want your message released to its recipients.

3. ‘Natural Language’ Dates and Times

If you don’t have time to go into your calendar, find out what the date is in 11 days, or in 5 weeks, then don’t worry.

Outlook understands ‘natural language‘ and converts it into date format.  It knows holidays such Christmas and Halloween, as well as phrases like; ‘next week’, ‘next month’, and ‘the day after tomorrow’.

This could be used for scheduling meetings, setting task deadlines and more.

4. Use Two Time Zones

One of the more useful Outlook Features if you are working with people based in other countries.  It’s important to avoid setting up a meeting that might be too early or too late.

Obviously, you could put a special clock up on your wall or wear two watches, but Outlook can make life a bit easier for you by showing two time zones at once.

To set it up,  go to: Options > Calendar > Time zones > Show a second time zone

How else can you work more efficiently?

We’re an efficiency driven company, so we’re always looking for better ways to work with the technology we use every day.

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