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Apple Market Share: Are they losing their way?

Apple Market Share: Are they losing their way?

You don’t need to look at Apple Market Share data to know that they have been top dogs in the mobile industry since first iPhone was unveiled back in 2007.  The previous market leaders, Nokia, saw their market share plummet from 50% to just 4% in the six years that followed.

What made the iPhone so revolutionary? It wasn’t trying to improve on anything. You can’t compete with the big-hitters by being the same. So when Steve Jobs pulled a device out of his pocket with just one button, it gave people a new way of looking at mobile phones.

Apple Market Share Today

Apple’s iPhone is the market leader in smartphones.  That’s been the same for a number of years.  Apple market share speaks for itself in that regard. Or does it?

The data on the right gives an idea of what ‘market leader’ means. Technically, they are ‘market leaders’. No other manufacturer sells more units.

These Apple Market share figures are warped. In fact, on a worldwide scale, the Android operating system has a 76% share of the market.

Are Apple making the same mistakes Nokia did?

Like Nokia, they don’t innovate. Their product is as good as it can get. Unless they start anew and blow the old iPhone concept out of the water, they can only make small tweaks here and there.

And, like Nokia, they’re making vein attempts to shoehorn in additional functionality.

Interaction with the Apple Watch is one example of this (the watch is also not a market leader and is just a luxury for most).

What’s the next step for Apple?

Until someone comes out with a revolutionary idea, like Apple in 2007, nothing will change.

Will Apple be the ones to set the next remarkable standard in mobile technology? Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple along with Steve Jobs, says the company isn’t changing the world anymore – so take from that what you will.

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