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You want to start a website for your business and you’ve heard of this great tool called WordPress.  You just need to set it up.  But then you notice there’s two flavours of WordPress. Which one is right? or It actually depends on what you need. or

What’s the difference? Well, a lot.

You can create websites for free with  Your site is hosted by WordPress and by default your site is on the domain.  You can pay for your own domain to be transferred across, though.

When you have a site, they have you by the cojones – you can only choose from themes that they allow and you can’t use any addons or plugins.  You also can’t make any changes to the code, so you can’t monitor your site with tools like Google Analytics.

This is good for bloggers who want free hosting.

Having a website is more time-consuming and costs a little more money but is far more powerful.

All the hosting is left up to you, so you’ll need to find a provider, like Freshsites and install WordPress on your webserver.  You also need to point a domain to the hosting and then you can set up your website.

Once it’s set up, you can install plugins, run a multi-site – whatever you want.  The downside is that hosting won’t be free and keeping your site secure and operational is up to you.

This is good for those looking to build a professional website without knowing code.

Other WordPress Help

Other than choosing whether to use or, there are lots of other considerations.  See how you can speed up your WordPress site here.

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