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Tips & Tricks: Improve Windows 10 Battery Life

Tips & Tricks: Improve Windows 10 Battery Life

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You need to rely on battery when using a laptop out and about.  Even when you are plugged into your charger, using more power means higher electric bills.  There are, however, some settings you can tweak in order to improve Windows 10 battery life.

Everything your device does eats into your battery life.  Whether it be checking for emails, browsing your files or scanning for viruses.  Luckily, there are some ways to tweak the settings to save battery.

1) Battery Saver 

Go to Settings > System.

Select Battery Saver from the left panel.  Battery Saver reduces your screen brightness and limits which apps can perform tasks in the background. It’ll kick in automatically when your battery is at 20% or less. You can’t turn on battery saver while your device is plugged into a power source.

You can modify the point when Battery Saver kicks in by navigating to onBattery saver settings at the bottom of the window.  Drag the blue slider to set the battery saver level. You can also control which apps can run in the background and send/receive notifications while battery saver is on.

2) Power & sleep settings

Select Power & Sleep from the left panel.

The Power & Sleep settings panel allows you to control how much idle time it will take for your PC to turn off. Shutting down your PC when it’s not being used will increase your battery life.

You can also check Additional power settings. This brings you to another panel. Click on Choose what the power buttons do or Choose what closing the lid does.

Here you can choose if you want your laptop to sleep, hibernate, shut down, or turn off the display when pressing the power and sleep buttons, or when you close the laptop.

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