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Vodafone WorldTraveller Expansion

Vodafone WorldTraveller Expansion

We caught wind of news today of a Vodafone WorldTraveller expansion, which will incorporate several more destinations across the globe into the plan including; UAE, Thailand and Indonesia.

Vodafone WorldTraveller Nations

There’s no monthly commitment to Vodafone WorldTraveller.  Once you’re opted in, you can use your UK bundle in a number of countries across the globe for just an extra £5 per day.

See below a full list of nations that are now included, after the Vodafone WorldTraveller Expansion.

Warnings & Tips

There’s a few things that you can’t do when roaming with Vodafone WorldTraveller.

  • You can use your UK data packs, Vodafone International and international allowances with WorldTraveller
  • You can’t use your Data Test Drive (or any other extras)
  • You can’t use your entertainment pack, included with your Red Value Bundles

To enable WorldTraveller text ADD to 40508 or call 5555 from the mobile you wish to opt in.

Business Mobile Contracts

If users within your business travel globally (or within Europe), then we can save you money.

We’re a Vodafone Partner and have access to all major networks, so we can give you the best deal – without forcing the hard sell that the networks will offer.

If you’d like to know more about data roaming and international calls, speak to one of our team on 0208 232 1190 or you contact us.