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WiFi on the Tube Network: How does it work?

WiFi on the Tube Network: How does it work?

Travelling around London can be a pain, especially for those who need to remain connected at all times. Until recent times, WiFi on the tube was nothing more than a pipe dream.

Now, the increased demand for connectivity has seen 250 stations (out of a total of 270) connected up to high-speed internet.

WiFi on the Tube

Most tube stations now have WiFi.  To check if your most frequented station have access, you can see where there is WiFi on the tube map in pdf form here.

If you’re a customer of one of the providers below, you will get internet access on London Underground at no extra cost.

Setting up WiFi at Stations

Depending on your carrier, there are slightly different ways you need to set your phone up for WiFi access on the tube network.

Each of the network providers below have a dedicated page for getting set up:

If you’re not with any of these networks, then you’ll have to purchase a WiFi Pass from Virgin.  You can get daily, weekly or monthly passes (prices here)

Using the WiFi service

Don’t expect to be browsing non-stop on your journey.  There isn’t any service in the tunnels.  Your phone will automatically connect to the WiFi at each station, though.

We wouldn’t recommend using the WiFi on the tube network to send or recieve sensitive information.

If you want your employees to be able to work as securely as possible on the move, we can help.  Speak to one of our team on 0208 232 1190 or contact us.