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Had a call from ‘Online Support?’ Tech Support Scam

Had a call from ‘Online Support?’ Tech Support Scam

We do not call private users or make unsolicited attempts to connect remotely. If you are unsure, please hang up and call back on 02082321190

Tech Support Scam: Members of the public are regularly being contacted by telephone or email and told that there is a problem with their computer and that they need to provide remote access for it to be fixed.

UPDATE: We have had calls from individuals who have been sent spoof order confirmation emails.  If the email is unsolicited, it’s not us.  Please call us if you are unsure.

Often scammers will purport to be from Online Support, using our reputation as a Microsoft Gold Partner as a disguise for their deceit.  Sometimes the scammers will also ask for a fee.

How does the scam work?

You will be cold called and told that there is a problem with your PC.  The scammers will claim to work for Online Support, and explain that we have discovered an issue.

You’ll then be asked to provide remote access to your computer.  The scammer can then install malware or make any changes they want to your PC.  You may even then be asked to pay a fee once the ‘problem’ has been resolved.

How to protect yourself

  • Don’t allow remote access to your computer if the call is unsolicited.
  • If you’re a private user, hang up the phone as we only support businesses.

If you’ve been called in the past

  • Take your PC to a local repair shop and have it checked for any malware that may have been installed.
  • Check your statement for any odd outgoing payments and close your account if necessary.