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Tips & Tricks: Stop Google Tracking Location

Tips & Tricks: Stop Google Tracking Location

With the release of Google’s mapping application entitled ‘Your Timeline’, which can list exactly where you’ve been at what date and time, and then plot this on a map, there’s been a certain amount of outrage from Android users who simply didn’t know how to stop Google tracking location.  With this in mind, we’ve decided to produce a video which shows you how to turn Google’s location history off, and how to delete your previous location history. Please note, the phone is this video is an EE Harrier so there may be some differences between the video showed when compared to other handsets.

And as you can see below, some are pretty apprehensive about the recent development of Your Timeline…

On the other hand, there is the obvious benefits of this kind of technology, too. For example, if you lose your phone or have it stolen from you, you can simply log in to your Google account, access the timeline feature and see exactly where you phone has been, and when it was there. The twitter user below mentions this here:

I misplaced my phone and used google location history to figure out the whereabouts. Its just crazy to see kind of tracking it does!

— Vinod Goyal (@goyalvinod) February 4, 2015

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