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Is Twitter Effective For Business?

Is Twitter effective for business? As businesses develop & grow, many decide to involve themselves in social media. One of the main few often chosen to try and boost a company’s popularity is Twitter.

To answer this we first need to know…

Do you know how to use Twitter?

For some individuals it may seem like a simple objective, but for those trying to make a name for
themselves, it can be far more complicated.

 Do you know what Twitter is used for?

Twitter can be used as a search engine. Like Google, you can search for people, places, events & news.
It can also be used as a means of communication as you have the option to contact individuals
or companies publicly or directly (that is, if they are following you.) Twitter also improves your
visibility. If you post links back to your website this drives traffic to your site and if your Twitter
account becomes popular, your business will be seen by more people.

 Is your account set-up correctly?

Sign up using a general email address that can be used by multiple people within your business.
Document the details for the account so it can be used by anyone from your company who wants to.
Pick a user-friendly and optimised Twitter handle. When you search on Twitter, you are not only
searching for trending hashtags but also for users. It is extremely unlikely that anyone would search
for @onl1ne5uppor1233345666 whereas you will get people searching for @itsupportlondon.

 Have you set your objectives?

What are you looking to gain from your Twitter account? Do you want customers to use it as a customer service base or would you like your Twitter account to link back to posts and pages on your website?

 Are your tweets consistent?

Do you have a theme to tweet about? When you’re writing tweets don’t try to go too off-topic
and always try to stay relevant. Schedule your tweets using TweetDeck. This way you can
create your tweets in advance only having to visit Twitter minimal times yourself. However,
bear in mind you don’t want to have every single tweet you ever post scheduled as this can
can make you look like a robot, therefore less appealing to a potential customer.

 Can you interact properly?

Do you know the difference between an @ reply and a DM? An @ reply can be seen by the public
or by anyone who follows you. A DM, which stands for direct message, can only be seen by you
and the person you’re sending the message to. Bearing in mind, you can only send DM’s to
people who follow you and vice versa. Direct messages are best used when you need to keep what
you or your customer is saying private.

 Who do you follow?

If you’re a smaller business, start by following any suppliers or customers. If you work closely
with them they’re more likely to follow back. This way you can start to build a sturdy base of following.

 Do you know how to attract followers?

Interact with powerful tweeters. Even by simply mentioning a high-profile user, it increases
your visibility as there will be such a staggering amount of people who search for that brand/person.
Involve yourself with the latest trends and hashtags. Tweet during peak times. This is normally
between 10am and 4pm and especially during the lunch hour of 1pm to 2pm as this will be when
most people are actively engaging with social media.

 What are your competitors up to?

Recognise who your competitors are and what they’re doing in comparison to you. If they have a
high following and high engagement of their tweets note what they’re doing and try to take things
into your own hands.

 Are you tracking your own Twitter traffic?

Twitter offers its own Analytics system free of charge. This way you can see how many people are
actually seeing your tweets, how many are interacting, who your followers are and what your best
tweets have been about.

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