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iPhone 6S Release Date and Features

UPDATE: You can now pre-order the iPhone 6s from 12/09/2015 from 08:01 onwards.

It’s that time again.  Established iPhone users are somehow slowly getting bored of their once shiny new handsets, whether they own an iPhone 4 or a newer model.  As the cognoscenti will know, new iPhone models are released every year, around late September/early October.  Since 2010, more than one model has always been released a time, usually an ‘S’ version of the previous model.

Will there be an iPhone 7?

There have been a wave of iPhone 7 rumours with varying degrees of truth, but any niggling doubts surrounding the authenticity of the next iPhone models have been pretty much dispelled now, as reports in trusted US publications such as the Wall Street Journal have confirmed that Apple have ordered a record-breaking number of iPhones to be manufactured in China, hinting at a new model: the iPhone 7.

When will the next iPhone be released?

Knowledgeable sources have cited a release date of 25th September, with pre orders available from the 18th September – and although this is yet to be confirmed, an apparent leaked internal email from Vodafone was reported by site Mobile News backing up these dates.

There is no actual confirmation of the names of the devices, but the iPhone 7 seems most realistic.  As with the iPhone 5/5S, there will be little cosmetic differences.  The screen sizes will likely remain the same and there will be no improvement on screen resolution.

So what will be new iPhone 7 features?

The always-impressive iPhone cameras look like they’e due to be upgraded again.  The code for Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 9, suggests that the front camera will have the functionality to record 1080p video at 60fps, record slow motion and include a flash. Force Touch technology, a screen technology implemented to MacBooks and Apple watches already.  This will mean that the phone will be able to differentiate between a light tap and a hard press.

The code for iOS 9 implies an upgraded front camera

There are also whispers of a new colour for the device – ‘Rose Gold’ – to go along with the current options of Space Grey, Gold and Silver.  You can already get Apple Watches in Rose Gold.  Under the stylish casing it is likely that the processer and RAM will get a small upgrade.

Concept image of a Rose Gold iPhone 6S

What will be the iPhone 7 Price?

There have been no reports or leaks regarding the iPhone 7’s price in the UK, but you can expect it won’t be far different from the current iPhone models.   You can pick up a Sim-Free iPhone 6 from £539 inc. VAT, while the iPhone 6 Plus starts at £619 unlocked from Apple.

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