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Tips & Tricks: Use Data in Europe with an iPhone

Tips & Tricks: Use Data in Europe with an iPhone

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This edition explains how to set up your iPhone to use data in Europe and explains how to get value for money with your mobile network provider’s international plans.

How to enable date roaming on an iPhone

When you’re in Europe, there are a few settings you need to enable in order to access mobile data.  As pictured below, you’ll need to enable data roaming, but disable ‘EU Internet’ which seems like a counter-productive step, but it is actually correct.  The idea of this feature is that if you switch this on, you can then switch data roaming off again but you could still use data in Europe, just not outside of the EU.  The EU is working towards a ban on all roaming charges for calls, texts and data starting December this year.

However, for this feature to work, the network you are connecting to abroad must have this enabled on their network.  The only countries this is confirmed to work in is Slovenia and Lithuania.

Having this feature switched on when in any other EU country will mean that you are unable to get a data connection.

Tips & Tricks: Use Data in Europe with an iPhone

Troubleshooting roaming issues

  • Before going abroad, you’ll need to speak to your network provider about setting a voicemail pin so you can access your messages when abroad.
  • If you’re trying to make calls to people back in the UK, drop the 0 at the beginning of the number and add +44.
  • If you have travelled via aeroplane and your mobile has been turned off or on airplane mode, it may be that your phone has not updated for voice/data correctly, especially if the phone has turned off for longer than usual.  In these cases, you can do a hard reset to force an update.  To do this, you simply hold down the home button and the lock button until the Apple logo appears, then you can release the buttons and wait for the iPhone to reset.

    Finding the best roaming plan

    First of all, before you use data in Europe with an iPhone, you’ll need to talk to your network provider.  You may be able to use your phone abroad for data, but unless you have a roaming bolt-on covering the area you wish to travel to, this will incur huge costs.  To be extra sure you won’t be shafted, ask your provider about all the terms and policies of the bolt-ons they provide.

Use Data in Europe with an iPhone on EE

EE offer unlimited calls and texts whilst in Europe for £2 a day, whilst you can use 50MB of data for £3 every 24 hours.  If you want a bigger bundle, they offer 500MB for 7 days for £25.

You can check how much EE roaming will cost by country here

Use Data in Europe with an iPhone on Vodafone

Vodafone offer an opt-in bolt-on called EuroTraveller.  There’s no monthly commitment, and for each day you use data, calls and texts abroad, you pay £3.  Their WordTraveller service is £5 per day

Use Data in Europe with an iPhone on O2

With O2, for the days you use data in Europe, you will be charged £1.99 with no limit (but O2 warn the excessive usage will result in slower speeds).

O2 Travel Zones

Use Data in Europe with an iPhone on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Users will have to buy a travel pass but texting ‘BUY XXMB’ to 23456.  These passes last for 30 days and cover all countries within the EU.  The different passes are 10MB (£1.50), 50MB (£6) and 250MB (£20).

There’s a limit of £45 per month mobile web usage when roaming, but this can be upgraded if necessary.  Virgin will send you texts when you’re approaching your limit and if you hit your limit.

Use Data in Europe with an iPhone on Three

Three let you use all your allowance in their ‘Feel At Home’ destinations for no additional fee.  They also offer a Euro Internet Pass that carries your monthly allowance to other EU destinations for £5 per day.  However, using your phone as a WiFi Hotspot or for calls and texts are not included.

Three Roaming information

Use Data in Europe with an iPhone on Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile cap your usage at £40 a month, and this will get you 210MB of data usage in the EU – outside of the EU it’ll get you a measly 6.9MB of data.  You can remove the bar yourself, but this will leave you open to running up a huge bill at the end of the billing cycle.

If your business travels abroad a lot and you’d like to know more information regarding data roaming and making international calls, speak to one of our friendly team on 0208 232 1190, or you can contact us.