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Tips & Tricks: How To Edit a PDF Document

Tips & Tricks: How To Edit a PDF Document

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Ever wondered how you can edit a PDF? Wonder no more with the very latest of our Tips & Tricks installment! 

It’s almost definitely happened before – You’ve scanned in a document and needed to edit the content. However, it’s been saved as a .pdf and you’re not quite sure how to edit a PDF. But put your worries aside, Online Support are here to provide you with the best options regarding how to edit a PDF!

How to edit a PDF within Adobe

If you’re using Adobe’s Acrobat XI then they offer a simple how-to guide on how to edit a PDF on their website:

  1. Open a file in Acrobat XI.
  2. Select Tools > Content Editing.
  3. Click the Edit Text & Images tool.
  4. Click the on-page element you wish to edit, which automatically activates the tools you’ll need.
  5. Choose the tool that best fits your task.

Great! But if this isn’t what you’re after you also have the option of transferring your PDF to a Word document and editing from there which I’m sure a lot of people would prefer. The best way of doing this is just by using the free PDF converter, PDFOnline, which allows you to upload PDF to the web in order to convert them into Word.

How to edit a PDF online

  1. Go to and click the “Upload a file to convert” button.
  2. Browse to the PDF you want to convert and click “Open.” If your document contains a fair amount of images and tables then it could take a while. So be prepared that this option isn’t instantaneous if you are looking for the fastest way of editing a PDF.
  3. This will then take you to your PDF file which will now be open in your browser. Click “download” at the top of the screen, then choose “Download Word file.”
  4. This file will now have been downloaded to your Downloads folder or wherever you have specified for your downloads to be saved. Double-click your file to open it in Word and you should be set to begin editing your PDF.

There are of course other free PDF editing sites such as and which are simple and available to use right now. So, if neither of these options suit your needs then why not follow their instructions on how to edit a PDF.

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