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Is Dropbox Secure?

Cloud storage is such a new innovation that, understandably, everyone is full of questions about it. It can revolutionise the way businesses work, but there’s no such thing as a perfect solution. So, is Dropbox secure? And is Dropbox worth paying for? We deal with customers who use all types of storage solutions and so we know what works and what doesn’t – so you’re in the right place if you want to know whether Dropbox is secure or not.


Is Dropbox Secure?

Well, at face value, your data is more secure on Dropbox than it is on a physical storage device like a PC or a USB. Every single person I’ve ever known enough to have had the topic come up has told me they’ve lost valuable data by losing a phone, a USB or when a PC goes pop. There are plenty of back-up services out there, but being fixed in the cloud means you’re less likely to lose data.

If your PC is attacked by a virus, then there are ways of compromising all of the data on your Dropbox. This is pretty major, but in my opinion not a valid argument. If your PC is attacked by a virus or Trojan, all of your applications and data are compromised. This isn’t a Dropbox specific problem.

A more important issue, in my opinion, is that even without complex viruses attacking your computer, your Dropbox data is still accessible by anyone who has your password. Dropbox may never give away your password, however as recently as October 2014, 7,000,000 Dropbox passwords were leaked. These passwords were stolen from 3rd party services. Although Dropbox officials said most of these passwords had expired by the time they had been leaked anyway, there was still incomprehensible amounts of data compromised (How Secure is my password?). Physical storage simply cannot get attacked in that kind of way.

I’m torn over the answer to the question – ‘Is Dropbox Secure?’ But there is certainly the additional risk that comes with a set of data with a simple password blocking access; that goes for any similar applications too. Google Drive is another similar service, although again that links to your Google account. If any of your Google services are compromised, you can lose all your data in an instant.


Hang on, well, is Dropbox Secure?

Okay, so I’ve avoided the answer a little bit here. That’s because, in my opinion, the answer is different depending on the individual.  The question should be ‘Is Dropbox Secure and the best solution for me?’ For people working in an office, there are plenty of options other than cloud storage that would probably be more secure. But if you’re working in different offices regularly, are on the move often or need to access data from mobile devices frequently, Dropbox is a pretty secure solution for your needs.

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