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Tips & Tricks: Top Five Word Shortcuts

Tips & Tricks: Top Five Word Shortcuts

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And so our journey of the ‘Top Five Shortcuts’ continues, adding to our ever-growing Tips & Tricks vault of information! 

Microsoft Word. It pretty much doesn’t matter what job or role you’re in, you will use Word. Maybe not all the time, but it’s a trusty companion when you need it. But at Online Support, we love efficiency, so we think we should get even more out of it. That is why I have decided that the next part to this series of top shortcuts should be: The Top Five Word Shortcuts.

And to make things even easier for you we’ve created a short video to show you exactly how to use these shortcuts:

Top Five Word Shortcuts

1) Shift + F3 – Change case

My absolute favourite. So, my colleague sends my heaps and heaps of data, but he’s written it out all in caps. This little shortcut makes life so much easier for me. It instantly changes your selection to upper/lower case depending on what it is currently. It can even make the first letter of the words in your selection upper case, and the rest lower case. It’s a fantastic shortcut.

2) Ctrl + Shift + > or < – Change font size

Increase or decrease font size. A simple one but makes life quite a bit easier, one of those that you might use quite often and saves you a decent amount of time.

3) Ctrl + Alt + S – Split Document Window

This one is pretty neat. If you’re typing out a word document, and it’s pretty long, and you’re trying to compare or glean information from the beginning of this document – you can split the document window so that you can view whatever part of the document you want on the top half of your screen, and the same for the bottom half, editing whatever you need to. Very clever in my book.

4) Ctrl + Left/Right – Go to Next/Previous word

This is really useful for moving through your document. If you need to edit something a few words back, then this is quicker than moving your cursor.

5) Ctrl + Spacebar – Remove formatting

If you’re taking bits of information from different sources; spreadsheets, the internet, etc. and they’ve all got different formatting, hitting Ctrl + Spacebar will remove all formatting on your current selection.

Top Five Word Shortcuts? Is that it?

We are an IT Support company, dealing with plenty of different customers, and they all use word. A top five Word shortcuts is a no-brainer and if you want to remember anything today, remember these. I would recommend looking at getting the most up-to-date version, as I have recommended on all of my top five shortcuts blogs. Office 2013 is very nice to use and when you can get it as part of your Business Mobile contract with Office 365, or set up with your IT Support services, it really just makes sense to have it.

Please keep in mind that you if you have a much older version of Word then there’s a chance that these shortcuts won’t work for you.

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