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The Biggest Threats to Your IT Security

The Biggest Threats to Your IT Security In the 21st Century there are few businesses that don’t rely on computer systems for a particular aspect of their business. As a consequence, when things go wrong with these systems it can cause major issues for the company.


Here at Online Support we specialise in providing IT services to London based companies for helping to avoid major IT disasters, with measures in place to mitigate the risks to your business – but what are the major threats to your IT security?




The most common network security threat, viruses are probably the first things you would have thought of when contemplating IT security risks. They are also the threat that can cause the most damage, as they are purposely designed to do so.


When a virus gets into your network it has the potential to not only corrupt any number of mission-critical files, but it could also bring down your entire network, delaying your businesses for days and costing you thousands of pounds .


The anti-virus software industry is incredibly fast moving, as people are constantly developing new viruses, so it is essential that you regularly install the latest updates and security patches to ensure your network remains protected.


Failing to Back-up Effectively


Everyone knows the importance of backing up their files and systems, yet at Online Support we still see many examples of businesses who have not backed up effectively – but what is effective?


When you employ our services for your IT support you will receive a combined data backup and disaster recovery solution in one, and we will store backups of your servers both on-site to allow for a quick restore as well as off-site to cater for a major disaster scenario. In a disaster recovery situation we are able to utilise our virtual server platform to restore your servers, making them available over the internet for you to access.

Human Error


No matter how sophisticated and autonomous the IT systems you have in place are, there will undoubtedly be some level of human input somewhere, and this always allows for an opportunity of mistakes being made.


Unfortunately, there is little you can do to avoid human error, however as long as you have effective redundancy measures in place and you are properly backed-up, there is no reason an employee mistake should lead to a major IT disaster.


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