IT Support London: Online Support

Why Choose Us

Straight to the point:

  • Quality of Service
  • Reliability of Systems
  • Our staff and account management

Why choose us:

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we don’t tie you down to a long-term or rolling contract; you can provide us with 3 months’ notice at any point. We also offer a full refund on any services that you are not entirely satisfied with, and allow you to terminate without notice within the first 6 months .

We know that the reliability of your systems being fully operational is critical, so we can provide pre-emptive 24/7 monitoring where needed. We are also committed to always fixing the problem 100% rather than simply ‘making good’ to get a system back up and running and we believe in standardisation where it is practical as this helps reduce the overall cost of ownership.

We believe that our team should be reachable, whoever it is that you need to speak to, whenever you need to speak to them and that is why we maintain a high engineer to customer ratio and never sub-contract our work. We don’t put you into automatic queues and we guarantee fast response times.

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The staff that we employ at Online Support are all trained within their area whether that be fully certified engineers or dedicated account managers. Not only are they trustworthy, friendly and polite, but they are pro-active and forward thinking making sure that our clients are being future proofed when it comes to technology, and accountable for every action. There is a good continuity of our staff at Online Support with a high number having worked here for more than 5 years.

Your account manager will provide sound advice to your business and will fully understand the role that IT plays within your company. This includes looking at your IT budget and helping to plan for future needs. We work with a mindset that good communication by both parties leads to a stronger working relationship and a higher standard of deliverables overall. Therefore, you can expect your account manager to be in contact on a regular basis even if it is just to check-in and make sure everything is ok.

The only thing left to do is to pick up the phone and give us a call or send us an email introducing you.