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Business Mobile Phones

Straight to the point:

  • We use the major networks
  • We create our own deals
  • Access to all handsets


Why you should talk to us:

We don’t have preferred providers so we won’t try and get you on to a deal that is not right for you. We have access to all the main networks so take time to look at all the options, including the handsets. Like a lot of businesses you may have been on your contract for a while, and no longer know whether it is the best contract for you. Perhaps your business needs have changed? We can review your current contract situation and provide alternative solutions Simply put, we want to find the deal that will suit your company the best, whilst avoiding giving you that usual hard sell that others offer.

Business Mobiles

And now for the details:

Let’s start by asking you to answer the following questions:

  • What is the name of the current tariff you use or how many minutes do you require for your users per month?
  • How many users do you have
  • What type of handset/s do you require?
  • How many of your users require email/browsing facilities on their handsets?
  • If using BlackBerry do you currently use BES or BES Express?
  • When does your current mobile contract end?

If you can answer these questions then call us, as we can find the best deal for you with the handsets that best suit your needs, or you most want, if you like to have the latest tech like us.

  • Monthly contract: sets a monthly fee for a limited amount of calls, texts, messages, Internet use and downloads. You pay extra if you exceed your limit.
  • Bundle deals: offer a single tariff to include your mobile phone as well as your landline and Internet access.

When comparing business mobile phone contracts

  • Keep the following points in mind when comparing business mobile phone contracts:
  • Allowance of call minutes and texts
  • Free calls to pre-determined numbers, landlines or other users on the same network
  • Monthly data allowances for Internet access, including services such as video calls
  • Free or cheap international calls
  • Capacity to add on bundles or top up packages if necessary
  • Minimum business mobile contract length