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Server & Network Monitoring

  • To ensure our clients receive the highest level of IT Support, we maintain an array of sophisticated diagnostic tools. We use certified engineers to monitor your network. We can check for failures, security issues, website load times, email delivery and other alerts that you deem as significant.
  • Our monitoring can be built to monitor most application or network devices.  We can provide a 24/7 monitoring service for those who need it, and we will notify you of anything that requires attention. However, due to our pro-active service we will normally fix the problem before it becomes noticeable.
  • Companies trust us to look after their server and network monitoring. This is because we ensure there is a minimum suffering from downtime – which impacts staff productivity and costs.
IT Support

Key parameters that we check and record are:

  • Available disk space.
  • Size of the Exchange database.
  • Anti-Virus measures.
  • Connectivity with the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).
  • Integrity of RAID hard drives.
  • Unexpected server restarts.
  • Unexpected loss of internet connection.
  • Critical security patches and other software updates.

Other items can be monitored through the use of SNMP traps. Or, through scripts that the monitoring software can run at predetermined intervals. There is a large database of scripts to which we have access. We can either customise these scripts or write fresh ones to enable the monitoring of virtually any aspect of your server and other network objects including printers, switches, routers and firewalls.

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