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  • 10 Answers to Frequent Questions about Firewalls

    As part of our help series we are going to be answering questions that we get asked about certain IT and Telecoms related products and services. This piece, as you have probably gathered by the title is all about firewalls.   Q1. What is a firewall and how does it work? A1. A firewall is […]

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  • Why Anti Virus Software Isn’t Enough

    We all get it; the world is heading for a technological masterpiece or toward destruction depending on your point of view. One thing for sure is the fact that with the rise of technology comes the rise of cyber crime. Week after week articles and stories are published talking about the latest virus, worm, malware […]

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  • How Important is Network Support?

    We depend on technology more than we’d like to admit and this is especially true in business which means that network support is vital. Find out more here.

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