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Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Straight to the point:

  • One service providing both Online Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • Failover to our virtual server platform in the cloud.
  • Hot spare servers are available for use on-site.

 Why you should talk to us:

Our disaster recovery service is an on-site data backup, and off-site disaster recovery solution rolled into one. It is deliberately priced to be affordable to the SME market. And, we can guarantee recovery times of anything from 2 minutes to 24 hours, depending on your budget and your needs.

Digital data is vital for most organisations; in fact research shows that 33% of British companies put business operations at risk by only storing data back-ups on-site. Despite the risk that loss of IT poses to business continuity. With our service we guarantee that we will always have an up to date and complete copy of your data and servers securely stored off-site.

online backup and Disaster Recovery

And now for the details – Online Backup and Disaster Recovery:

How it works – We install a Disaster Recovery Appliance at your office. This is primarily used to store backups of your servers. The first backup of your server is effectively a complete image of the hard drives and every backup thereafter is incremental (i.e. it just takes a copy of any changes to the server since the last backup). Usually these incremental backups are taken every hour, though they can be taken as often as every 15 minutes or as seldom as once a day depending on your preferences. These incremental backups are consolidated into daily, then weekly and finally monthly backups.  To reduce file storage requirements the incremental, daily and weekly backups. These can be deleted once they are no longer required and separate retention policies can be set at each level of consolidation.

Data Backup – These backups alone provide a comprehensive data backup facility. This is fully automated and quick and easy to restore from. All backups are stored in one central database. This way you can browse quickly to specific files and folders in your ‘point-in-time’ images. This allows for granular recovery of your data.

On-site Disaster Recovery – Your server backups are effectively a complete image of your servers. There are built-in tools which allow us to easily restore these images to non-similar server hardware. As part of the service we keep a store of hot spare servers available for our clients. This means that  if your server has a critical hardware failure that cannot be quickly repaired, we can take your most recent backup and restore the entire server image to one of these hot spare servers. This can then be installed at your offices as a temporary replacement.

Off-site Disaster Recovery – The server backup images are also transmitted off-site to our data centre. In the event of a major disaster such as fire or flooding, we can use these backups to completely recreate your server infrastructure on our virtual server platform in the cloud. You can access our virtual server platform remotely guaranteeing your business continuity.

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