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Cloud Migration Consultancy

Straight to the point:

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Email Services & Office 365
  • Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Why you should talk to us:

We offer both on-site and cloud migration and solutions to all businesses. We do not favour one more than the other, meaning that we can provide impartial advice on what suits your business best.

Cloud Migration Consultancy

And now for the details:

Many businesses are scared of the phrase ‘cloud computing’ probably because of the constant press it receives and their lack of understanding exactly what it is.

We want to take the fear out of it:

‘Cloud computing’ in simple terms is computing services provided through the internet. There is a high chance that you already do or have used ‘cloud computing’ in some form; Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Flickr and Dropbox are just some examples.

At Online Support we offer Cloud migration services which are specifically applicable to the SME market place.

We will introduce you to each of the cloud services via the links below:

Virtual Desktop

Online Backup & Disaster Recovery

Email Services & Office 365